sábado, 19 de julho de 2008

So a paper boy approaches The Butcher.

- Good morning, Mr. Butcher, sir.
- Morning indeed.
- Are you some kind of... busy?
- Indeed I am.

The Butcher was truly busy. He was slicing a cow, or what was used to be a cow.

- I wonder if Millicent is home.
- Nah. Millicent is at school, the place you should be by now.
- I have no family, so I have to work for a living, you know well.
- No I do not, but do not care either.

Millicent arrives.

- Oh, hello, Ernest.
- Hello, Ms. Millicent, Millicent Pinch.
- Were you waiting for me?
- Yes he was - interrupted the Butcher.
- So I think I should get some tea for you. Come.

Millicent and Ernest entered the house. Ernest couldn´t ignore the blood on the window. From the inside.

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