sábado, 19 de julho de 2008

So a paper boy approaches The Butcher.

- Good morning, Mr. Butcher, sir.
- Morning indeed.
- Are you some kind of... busy?
- Indeed I am.

The Butcher was truly busy. He was slicing a cow, or what was used to be a cow.

- I wonder if Millicent is home.
- Nah. Millicent is at school, the place you should be by now.
- I have no family, so I have to work for a living, you know well.
- No I do not, but do not care either.

Millicent arrives.

- Oh, hello, Ernest.
- Hello, Ms. Millicent, Millicent Pinch.
- Were you waiting for me?
- Yes he was - interrupted the Butcher.
- So I think I should get some tea for you. Come.

Millicent and Ernest entered the house. Ernest couldn´t ignore the blood on the window. From the inside.

domingo, 13 de julho de 2008

- Of course Mr. Butcher.

The Butcher real name was Leonard Pinch but he seems to believe that Leonard was not a suitable name for a butcher.

Only one person used to call the butcher Leonard and that person was the long gone mother of the girl named Milliecent.

Everyday Mr. Pinch left for work right after Millie and the house was left alone, people used to say they could her Mrs. Pinch cleaning the house inside and Millie never stoped to ask for her mother when she got home from school.

There was a rumor that the little girl with the spike dark hair was a bit strange, a bit unusual but no one dared to ask the butcher about it.

sexta-feira, 11 de julho de 2008


- I do not think you have some choice, Mr. Stewart.
- Oh. What unusual.

Millicent Pinch was a little girl that lived in a small city, and used to go to school in the morning.

Leaving her house, she always greets the birds.

- Hello, birds! What a beautiful day! Hello, Mr. Stewart!

Mr. Stewart sees Millie.

- Good day, Millie.

A man covered in blood leaves the house.

- What a unpleasant sight! Mr. Stewart!
- Hello, Mr. Pinch.
- Call me the butcher, would ya?
Things started to shake and the dust covered every single inch of the heavy air inside the shop and when Mr. Stewart opened his eyes again there were a tall man in front of him.

- Oh well, Hello again Mr. Stewart.

The old man opened his month to speak and stoped it, his bright blue eyes almost closed with his mad expression.

- Look what you've done!

He said mad and point out to an old and dusty book that had fallen open to the ground close to then, in the cover of the book was the name 'The story of Millicent Pinch'.

- My other self just pointed out the truth.
- That's not something we do around here.
- I'm here to ask questions Mr. Stewart
- I prefer your other self.

segunda-feira, 7 de julho de 2008

The boy stops stuttering.

- Why Constantinopla? Because my father said so!
- How is that? Did you say your father told you to ask for Constantinopla?
- My father and myself know your secrets, dare Mr. Stewart. I know about the Baker Street. I know about Deborah. And I know this girl, "Millie", does not exist.

Millie looks at the boy.

- I-I don´t exist?
- Yes. I am sorry.

Millicent starts to cry.

- Look what you done, silly boy!
- I have done nothing. We do not exist as well.

domingo, 6 de julho de 2008

- Very intersting question!

A girl appears out of nowhere holding boxes of strange looking board games and she is even more dusty than the rest of the store.

The boy stares at her and then back at Mr. Stewart.

- Well Millicent, let the boy find out for himself.

- I prefer Millie you know - says the girl with the same unconcerned smile.

Mr. Stewart looked ugly at her and then starts to blow the dust off the piece of paper and with the same serious look, put the piece of paper in front of the boy that starts to open his mouth to speak.

- Is this really a ti-

- Why Constantinopla?
The boy enters the shop carefully. Mr. Stewart just watches every step of him.

- Uh...
- Yeeeeeeees?, says the curious Mr. Stewart.
- Uh...

The boy goes to a part of the shop full of post cards.

- Do you have post cards of Constantinopla?
- Yes, I do have.
- And do you have a ticket to Constantinopla?

Mr. Stewart gets serious, gets down and comes with an old, dusty book. He takes some of the dust off, and opens the book, from where he takes a piece of paper.

- Well, my boy, you´re the second one to ask that.
- A-And what happened to the first one?

quarta-feira, 2 de julho de 2008

- Hello, Mr. Stewart.
- Hello, humble boy. Welcome to my shop.